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Week #2 Thing #3 continued! June 25, 2009

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Yahoo! Avatars

Getting this avatar ( up and running took more time than I thought! I didn’t have a yahoo account so I got that up and running, no problem. Then I had to download Yahoo Messenger ( for my Mac computer. I’m now not sure if I had to really do that or not. Oh well! But then getting it to show up on my blog was a bit tricky. However, now it makes sense! Kinda fun, actually! That spider by my feet, by the way, is supposed to crawl across the floor;)


3 Responses to “Week #2 Thing #3 continued!”

  1. JoanM Says:

    Cool Avatar! They’ve improved the options since I created my first one two years ago!

    Welcome to School Library Learning 2.0! I’m here to cheer and help in any way I can!

  2. HappyTrails Says:

    This looks great! I had a difficult time getting my avatar to post, too.

  3. HappyTrails Says:

    Speaking of Avatars and posting, I need help from you on our wikispaces. I can’t remember my log-in name. I didn’t practice what I preach (I didn’t record the information) and my over 50 year-old mind does not remember it. So when you get a chance, between enjoying your vacation and working on the 23 Things, would you drop me a line with my log-in. I did find my black book with all my log-ins for 23 Things!!Woo HOO!

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