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Week #4 Thing #8 July 5, 2009

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This is definitely something I’ve been looking forward to learning more about. The links provided by the school library learning blogspot were excellent in providing the definitions of feeds, newreaders, aggregators, etc. Find the most helpful link here. Now I understand that rss feeds allow updated information from my favorite websites come to me instead of me going to them.

I decided to use Google Reader since I already have an account with Google and I also really like their format for their other services. So I logged on and visited their Google Reader page. They have an excellent 1:30 minute tutorial on Google Reader that explains everything very succinctly.

To view my public page on Google Reader to see all of my current feeds click here.

RSS feeds have amazing curricular potential. I’m immediately thinking about the Government classes and their current events projects they need to work on over a nine week period. It would be wonderful to have all their updated sources on one page. I’m also thinking about our AP English 11 class where the teacher requires her students to communicate with each other through Google Groups and other various blogs.

However, the down side to this, is that all students would have to have access to functioning technology and the capability of remembering usernames and passwords. This is doable, but I’d be curious to see how other librarians are handling these logistics.

I decided to also give Bloglines a try. Click here to view my subscriptions with Bloglines. After playing around with Bloglines after I set up Google Reader, I think I might like Bloglines better! I’m not quite done learning it so stay tuned!


3 Responses to “Week #4 Thing #8”

  1. JackieS Says:

    I love Bloglines and use it to keep track of all CSLA members who are participating in SLL2.0 and have completed SLL2.0. I also set up a Google reader for out of state participants but prefer Bloglines. Guess it depends on what you are most comfortable with!

    Bloglines is an incredible productivity tool for keeping track of participants or students.

  2. HappyTrails Says:

    “Not quite done with this.” That’s what’s so cool about these 23 Things…there’s so much to learn and explore that you’ll never be quite done. Keep up the great work, Sheldon Librarian…you are learning in leaps and bounds.

  3. Joan McCall Says:

    I experimented with both, Google Reader and Bloglines, but I have to admit that I didn’t have time to keep up with the feeds. This summer, I have been using iGoogle to pull in the (few) blogs that I like/have time to follow and have enjoyed the other aspects of the page like calendar, weather, current events, etc.

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