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Week #4 Thing #9 July 9, 2009

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I went to the Bloglines search first and typed in “school libraries”. The state of school libraries in San Diego were some of the first topics to come up. I also noticed a blog set up to showcase librarians called “Librarian Trading Cards.” Connie Williams‘ card came up and I have to say, it’s very cool!  Then I ran into a blog called “Kiss the Book” and started browsing around here. It is set up to help school librarians find good reads to add to their collections. I’ve added my name to the “follow us” at the bottom of the page.

Then I hopped over to EduBlogs to check out their award winners and I came across one called “Hey Jude” by a librarian out of Australia. She won the EduBlog award two years in a row. It is an amazing blog that one can literally get lost in! I went ahead and subscribed to this blog using Bloglines. There is also a cute blog called “Duck Diaries“. Talk about a teachable moment!

I’ve used Topix before and have always found it helpful even if it’s interface is a bit busy. Michael Jackson is sure the top story, even here in Sacramento!

Maybe I’m not understanding as much as I thought because I did not get Syndic8 at all. The format does not make me want to take the time to browse through it. What is the point to gathering feeds and putting them all in one place if the attraction for the user is to make web searching through your favorite websites easier and more personal? At least that’s the way I see feeds. Am I missing something else? Also, what are atom feeds and what is syndication mean?

Technorati was fun to browse through. I checked out the favorites link and browsed through some blogs about books. Then I searched for “california school libraries” blogs and found some interesting ones although none that I wanted to subscribe to.

Google Blog Search was interesting to look through. I typed in “school library learning 2.0” and found many people who have worked on this tutorial– some from out of state, as well! I found that a librarian from Texas had the same feelings I did about Technorati. To see this blog, click here.

So far, I like the Google Blog Search the best and can see myself using this one personally and professionally.


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