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Week #5 Thing #10 July 12, 2009

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OK, so this the first image I created from ImageChef. Any SF Giants fan should recognize this as a Giants jersey! Very easy to do this– all the directions to post an image into a particular blog are clearly labeled.

Here’s another image:

I also tried an image using the poetry blender from Image Chef but for some reason it wouldn’t cut and paste into my blog. And it didn’t offer a url link to upload either. But I really loved playing around with Image Chef.

So next I went to Generator Blog and found a link on the left called Depeche Mode Names. Being a huge 80’s music fan, I had to check this out. Here’s my Depeche Mode name:

Too bad an image doesn’t appear with the “name”. This is something I could see people posting on Facebook.
Also found on the Generator Blog was the Einstein Chalkboard. I’ve seen the students play around with this. It is pretty cool:
And of course, to remind everyone of what movie is about to be released, I found this on the same image generator as the Einstein Chalkboard. It’s simply called Dumbledore:
The Generator Blog has a ton of options but one does have to be careful if they are having students browse around this blog in the classroom or the library. I did see some inappropriate images and words.

One Response to “Week #5 Thing #10”

  1. HappyTrails Says:

    You found some cool applications, Sheldon Librarian. Too bad you’ll be enjoying Monterey and won’t be able to share them at our meeting this week. I’ll point participants to your blog for inspiration. I’ve learned a lot from you so far. Keep on keepin’ on!

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