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Week #5 Thing #11 July 22, 2009

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The Web 2.0 Awards site was great fun to browse through. I was happy to know that I already use quite a lot of them like iGoogle, Google Maps, Delicious, Facebook, Pandora, Zillow, Wikispaces, and Flickr. Here are a few new ones that I chose to look at:

1. 50 Matches Search Engine: This interesting search engine only searches for websites that people have bookmarked on social sites like Delicious, Digg, and Reddit. Very interesting. It is not to be assumed that these sites that come up are credible. In a sense, they are the most popular bookmarked sites by the general public on a given topic .

2. Etsy: This site is for people to buy and sell all homemade products. Great fun to browse through, especially the quilts.

3. Last FM: This is another internet radio site much like Pandora but it’s more interactive, meaning the user can search for other users to see what kinds of music they might have in common. I wonder if there is an iphone app for this?

4. Yelp: I’ve seen this a few times when I’m searching for a movie or a restaurant but I’ve never played with it until now. This site lets you look up user reviews on all kinds of services in a particular area. Especially helpful when trying to find a good restaurant!

5. HairMixer: OK, I am never satisfied with my hair and I’m always cutting it short, growing it long, cutting it short, growing it long. So this site was right up my alley. Basically, you can upload a picture of yourself sporting any type of haircut you choose. So now I can see what I might look like with a haircut before I get it! As a fun feature, the site configures your picture on the cover of a fashion magazine. Kinda fun! Here’s what I would look like as a blonde:


For the next exercise for Week #5 Thing #11, I joined the Teacher Librarian Ning that was created by Joyce Valenza. This librarian is quite amazing! I always get great ideas from her website. Browsing through the Ning, I have to say I was overwhelmed by all that is going on. I look forward to delving into it.


One Response to “Week #5 Thing #11”

  1. HappyTrails Says:

    You are moving right along. I am getting great information from your explorations! I just cut my hair shorter. I’m happy with it but it would have been fun to see what it would have looked like in advance with the website you found. So are you going blonde? Keep up the good work with 2.0.

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