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Week #5 Thing #12 July 22, 2009

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Rollyo is a customized search engine. As a librarian, I can add websites to this search engine that I want students to go to. I can see a ton of curricular possibilities with this site. It seems much like a custom search engine that Google offers but I like this one much better. I would call this customized search engine a modern day pathfinder! So the words below are linked to my Rollyo account but I can’t figure out why the Rollyo search box isn’t coming up. Anyone know why?

Select…Web SearchingSearch The Web


2 Responses to “Week #5 Thing #12”

  1. HappyTrails Says:

    When I was working with Rollyo, I had difficulty also. I could add the websites but I couldn’t add the link to my webpage. I think I had the students just go to the Rollyo site and use what I created. Since then, I’ve developed specific blogpages for research that have the teacher’s assignment, directions and websites. We will have to play around with Rollyo at our next meeting to figure out what’s going on. Hey, Sheldon Librarian, you are over half way done!

  2. JackieS Says:

    I’m more familiar with blogger than with WordPress. Either way, put this challenge on your “problem solving” list and return to it next week or after you sleep on it. Most of my web 2.0 challenges tend to resolve themselves in my brain overnight…

    Best wishes.

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