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Week #6 Thing #13 July 26, 2009

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I started using a few weeks ago because I was hearing so much about it and because I kept noticing the bookmarking button on various websites. I have since become a devoted user! What a great tool! I have been bookmarking all kinds of sites that I plan on using for the professional development class I will be teaching this fall. I have also started collecting websites that I will use for different history classes that will be visiting in just a few weeks. One thing I haven’t tried until this tutorial, though, is exploring bookmarks by searching various tags. I came across some interesting websites. It’s fun to see what people are collecting. I just wonder how many catalogers out there are cringing at this open “cataloging” system.

Click here to see what I’ve bookmarked so far on

I was also intrigued at the tutorial that Santa Cruz public library offers. Not that it was the most spectacular video but I love the idea of having it readily available. I would LOVE to have tutorials online for my students but our district does not allow YouTube. Anyone know of a similar video hosting site that would be comparable?


2 Responses to “Week #6 Thing #13”

  1. HappyTrails Says:

    My computer teacher has a program that allows one to make tutorials. It records your voice, the computer screen and the mouse movement. I’ll find out the name of it and let you know. I used it to make tutorials for accessing and searching on our on-line databases. Unfortunately, I didn’t put them in to practice. He uses them to make tutorials for teachers to show them how to use School Loop and other programs.

  2. HappyTrails Says:

    My computer teacher uses a program that records the screen, your voice and the mouse action. He taught me how to use it and I made some tutorials for our on-line databases to show our students and teachers how to access them and conduct searches. He makes tutorials for School Loop. I’ll find out information about the program for you. Looking good!

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