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Week #6 Thing #15 July 26, 2009

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First of all, while reading the assignment for this activity I was struck by the definition of Library 2.o not to mention the term, Library 2.o. The constantly changing technology is no excuse for libraries to be obsolete which is nicely stated by CSLAs statement: “and reworking library services to meet the users in their space, as opposed to ours (libraries.)” Libraries are partners and participants in technology– not merely observers.

The first reading I did was centered around defining the Librarian 2.0. Click here to read the article. The author states that embracing Library 2.0 builds a “transparent” library– one that can be accessed all the time in many different formats. I love this concept and believe it to be just as relevant to school libraries. I also love the idea that a library 2.o librarian does not use technology for the sake of coolness, but uses it based on the needs of the user with a commitment to staying up with the trends. One thing that is not mentioned in this particular article is the importance of critical thinking and critical reading. I think that in the age of web 2.0, these skills are more important than ever. And this is precisely what a teacher librarian should be addressing and teaching any web 2.o skills.

I also browsed around some of the suggested articles on Wikipedia’s entry on the Library 2.o and what I noticed immediately is that the articles are dated. All the references are dated from 2005 to 2007. Library 2.o information has surely changed since then!

Nevertheless, the concept of Library 2.o will be incorporated into my professional development classes this upcoming school year..


One Response to “Week #6 Thing #15”

  1. HappyTrails Says:

    Library 2.0 allows us to reach beyond the walls of our libraries and be available outside of our regular hours. I agree whole-heartedly with you about the critical reading and thinking component. As teacher librarians we are needed to teach students how to consider the information they find with a critical view.

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