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Week #7 Thing #16 July 27, 2009

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The first wiki I looked at was the Book Lover’s wiki put out by Princeton Public Library. I found myself quite intrigued by the book reviews wiki users submitted. I also noticed that the wiki hasn’t be used for 2 years. Then I browsed around the Library Success Best Practices Wiki. This was great fun to look at especially since it encompasses best practices from all over the nation. I also like the “wikipedia” like format. Apparently, you don’t have to be “approved” to start adding content. All you have to do is submit your email and you’re good to go. Next, I looked at a sample library wiki. Wow! How cool that would be to have a school wide wiki that all (or most) teachers could commit to using. The possibilities are endless on this concept. Then I jumped over to additional resources on wikis to look through and I really liked the definition and the uses of wikis put out by the Library Success Best Practices Wiki once again. It’s a very concise site that explains wikis very well.

Here’s a look at the wiki I created for the librarians in our district. I created it in the spring and not much has been added to it yet, but I think with renewed commitment at the beginning of the year, we will have an amazing wiki– a best practices wiki all our own!

I love the idea of wikis and I think that with the right teacher and the right technology support, they could be a wonderful collaborative tool in the classroom. I love the idea of class notes. The wiki would be perfect for this. I also think it would be a great tool for an AP class. But what I hesitate with wikis is that they are often started and then forgotten. And if you are at a school with slow internet access, wikis can become a source of frustration rather than the tool they are intended to be.


One Response to “Week #7 Thing #16”

  1. HappyTrails Says:

    You are moving right along, Sheldon Librarian. I was able to access our wiki so I’ll start adding things to share. We should make a point of adding to it after our monthly meetings. I like how we can post our minutes in a section. You did a wonderful job setting this up. Now I just have to play around with it. Thanks!

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