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Week #7 Thing #17 July 27, 2009

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For this activity, I went to the “sandbox” and read much of what came up. It seems the most common frustration with wikis is the ability for anyone to edit someone else’s content. But isn’t it true that we can see the original comment, too? I need to play around with that a bit more on our district library wiki. I didn’t leave any comments in the “sandbox” but I did enjoy reading others thoughts. There were additional comments about Rollyo and it seems that others had the same frustrations as I did with it. I’m glad about that, actually!

I then went on to the California Connections wiki and really enjoyed reading what people have added. I especially like the Blogging and Avatars section. It got me thinking about the teachers I could work with that would really commit to incorporating blogs in their curriculum. As I’m writing this, I’m thinking how cool it would be to bring a class into the library, maybe as part of their library orientation, and have them all create their own blog where they could “track” their learning, so to speak. It could be used for all kinds of reasons. But I do like the idea of students having their own blog right away. It creates a new kind of ownership in their education.

Next I looked under the Photos portion and came across a comment that talked about a very cool website that allows the user to incorporate voice overs on photos. I took a look at it and it seems awesome! Click here to see the website.


2 Responses to “Week #7 Thing #17”

  1. HappyTrails Says:

    Thanks for sharing about Voice Thread! It is exactly like the program I double-posted earlier that my computer teacher uses. It has amazing potential. Maybe we can explore it during one of our library meetings and think of ways we could use it with our students and staff.

  2. JackieS Says:

    Voicetread could be used for student reports, too. Like science fair projects. In a way, it could be used to help students refine their oral presentations. Lots of possibilities.

    Think about offering teachers a weekly or monthly web 2.0 talk (like a book talk, but spotlight a few cool tools). Maybe call it “Oh, the places you’ll go … with web 2.0”

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