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Week #8 Thing #18 July 31, 2009

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This week’s lesson will focus on online productivity specifically using Zoho Writer. My first hurdle was finding out that Zoho does not support Safari as a web browser. I’m so faithful to Safari on my Mac at home that it feels out of the ordinary to switch over to Firefox for this activity. But, that’s OK. It’s good to get out of my comfort zone once in a while.

Anyway, I browsed around and thought I’d play with the presentation tool first. This is Zoho’s version of power point. I loved the new layouts and designs of this tool. I especially loved the fact that you can easily save your presentation if different formats like pdf. However, I found it a bit more difficult to navigate probaby because I’m trying to use it like powerpoint forgetting that it isn’t powerpoint!

Click here to view the presentation I created on Zoho Writer. I quickly created a presentation providing summaries of some of the books I’ve read this summer. I got myself more caught up in the books than I did with learning about Zoho!

I was also impressed with the amount of online tools that Zoho offers. I’m very intrigued by the program that lets a user create multiple choice tests. I also liked the organizational features including the one for keeping track of petty cash– that might be better than my yellow notepad!


One Response to “Week #8 Thing #18”

  1. Happy Trails Says:

    Zoho is a wonderful tool. I liked how you can share documents with others. I haven’t used Google Documents that much. I need to experiment more. I like the slideshow about the books you read this summer. I’m thinking of how we can utilize these 2.0 tools in our meetings to get our colleagues to share information and learn how to use the tool. For instance, just like you did we could have everyone explore Zoho and make a slide show describing a special event they hold in the library, share it at the next meeting and link to it on our wiki.
    Just an idea.

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