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Week #9 Thing #20 August 4, 2009

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I love YouTube! It’s funny, though, that I often forget about it as a source of information and for entertainment.

I wanted to check out Conan the Librarian because the name intrigued me but it has been removed from YouTube due to “terms of use violoation”. Bummer. It sounded funny. March of the Librarians was a cute clip made to resemble a documentary. Complete with the somewhat monotone voice, the clip showcases the ALA convention in Seattle last year. Introducing the  Book was hilarious!! I was cracking up! I can’t wait to share this one on my Facebook page.

I started exploring on my own and specifically wanted to find tutorials for teachers about doing different features on Google. I wanted to find videos that regular teachers have created so that I could see a first hand account of how some of Google’s amazing features are directly used in the classroom. I found this one (click here) about Google Docs for the classroom teacher. Pretty cool!

Then I wanted to look at some videos about teaching information literary specifically for evaluating websites. Most of what I found were merely voice overs on a powerpoint like this one here. But I still found them interesting because of the method of delivering the information– via YouTube, which all teachers and students are familiar with.

Here’s a cool Google Tips and Tricks video that students could use:


One Response to “Week #9 Thing #20”

  1. HappyTrails Says:

    I learned some new Google tricks from watching the tutorial you included in your posting. Again, Karin, another great pre-meeting tool we can assign (Search for tutorials on YouTube) to share on the wiki or at one of our meetings to get others using Web 2.0.

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