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Week #9 Thing #21 August 4, 2009

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My husband is a devoted follower of many podcasts but I have not caught onto the craze of them quite yet. I have listened to a few from NPR that have been interesting. But other than that, I haven’t explored them in any detail. Until now, that is! So I went to the NPR site and browsed around their available podcasts. I decided to subscribe (sent to my Bloglines account) to All Songs Considered and to Culturtopia. Both seem very interesting! It is very easy to subscribe to RSS fees and/ or podcasts from NPR’s site. They make it very easy to navigate.

I then went to Podcast Alley and found tons of podcasts on book reviews. I was a bit overwhelmed actually. Click here to see the plethora of reviews available. Listening to some of them, I quickly found out that some are better than others!

I found some huge potential with podcasts. First of all, what a great way for students to review books they have read for SSR. It would make a great accountability tool for the teacher as part of their SSR program. But I also see it as a great learning experience for just about any research project. It would be another way to present information rather than or in conjunction with the traditional essay.

On a personal note, who needs TV anymore with all of these podcasts to listen to and all the videos to watch on YouTube?! Aside from watching Giants baseball, that is:)


One Response to “Week #9 Thing #21”

  1. HappyTrails Says:

    Great information. It has been a goal of mine to get my students doing podcasts. I have the equipment. I took a class with Gail Dessler at the DO. I just need to get a teacher that’s interested in doing it as a part of the project. I’m going to check out your listing of book reviews. I subscribe to Bookwink which is more of a middle school range of books. I’m curious to see what else is out there.

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